Meet the team

Cate Allen 

Creator / Writer / Executive Producer

Cate Allen is a New York based playwright who created the perfectly not-so-normal world of Wallace Sprague, Dog Psychiatrist and the soon to be released Jessica Darby, Zombie Lawyer. If you’re wondering how she conned so many talented voice actors into working on this with her, just ask Julia.

Cate Allen – Creator, Writer, Executive Producer. Cate greets each day with a sense of wonder and low grade headache. 

Eric Nightengale

Director/ Producer

Eric Nightengale is the director of the comedy fiction podcasts Wallace Sprague, Dog Psychiatrist and Jessica Darby, Zombie Lawyer. He is also a producer. But that is not all Eric is famous for producing. He also makes a mean burrito.



David Arrow

Actor / Director / Producer

David Arrow wears a few hats on Wallace Sprague, Dog Psychiatrist and Jessica Darby, Zombie Lawyer – as an actor, producer, and director. He voices the character of Gideon Lickwater, the police chief who takes his job very, very seriously, and Sir Gideon, the brave (?) knight with a bad habit of ringing his prosthetic nose. Oh, and make a note: David also likes having mojitos on his deck.

Rich Allen

Executive Producer/ Baby

As you can see here, Rich is a big baby. Since he is head of catering and a good cook, nobody minds too much. He is the Executive Producer of Wallace Sprague, Dog Psychiatrist and Jessica Darby, Zombie Lawyer and if you listen very carefully you might hear him in the crowd scenes.



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