What would happen if you gave the humiliated former Rolling Hills Police Chief his own morning talk show? What if no self-respecting Rolling Hills citizen agreed to be on it? Listen to Live! From Rolling Hills with Gideon and Jerry to hear the very creative lengths the hosts will go to just to get people to stop and chat. And learn some interesting facts about this very special town in the process.

Season 2 ½, Episode 1

“A Show is Born”

A brand new surprise season from The Chronicles of Wallace Sprague, Dog Psychiatrist! Gideon and Jerry have their own talk show… who would be stupid enough to agree to that? Find out in “A Show Is Born.” (15:10)

Season 2 ½, Episode 2

“Live in 5, 4, 3…”

Listen in as Gideon (David Arrow) and Jerry (George Sheffey) launch their new talk show: “Live! From Rolling Hills with Gideon and Jerry.” The format’s a bit shaky – which could be due to their spot near the recycling bin – but they are determined to bring you a fun, informative show! (13:55)

Season 2 ½, Episode 3

“Feel the Burn”

Feel like getting in shape? Tune in as the town’s personal trainer, Chablis Klemmerer (Kiera Allen), shares her moves… and you’d better be ready. (10:32)

Season 2 ½, Episode 4


Today’s guests: Roger (Tom Bozell) and his owl husband Paul (Stephen Bel Davies). Roger discovers he has an unlikely rival in the upcoming mayoral election: Francois the linen supplier (Jim Newman). Gideon (David Arrow) and Jerry (George Sheffey) get a whiff of the past… and it doesn’t smell good. (11:55)

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