Who’s Who in Rolling Hills

Hudson Jellik 

A sensitive wide-eyed millennial, Hudson overflows with dreams of romance… and overflow can get messy.

Wallace Sprague / Buddy 

The town’s thoroughly burnt-out psychiatrist. Wallace’s, um, dramatic transformation is the first sign that something is not quite right in Rolling Hills.

Laurette Sprague

The country club chef, wife of Wallace. Devoted mother to teen girls Sweetie and Tallulah. Oh, and just got out of rehab and has a major fidelity problem.

Police Chief Gideon Lickwater

He’s the law around here. With an inconvenient crush on Laurette. If you have a romantic bone in your body you forgive a few tiny transgressions.

Officer Jerry M. Peterbeck 

Anyone who knows Jerry knows how loyal he is. And little else.

Sweetie Sprague

Top student, star athlete, local youth entrepreneur… Sweetie has it all going on. So why is she so anxious to get out of town?

Tallulah Sprague

Has everything her sister has plus some dark secrets of her own. No one ever said being the cynical twin was easy.

Mayor Roger Butterbea

The mayor who always seems to be campaigning, like it or not (mostly not).

Paul Butterbea

The mayor’s devoted spouse who happens to own the most popular business in town, the bike rental shop. Just don’t ask him to put air in the tires.

Maggie Fighthammer, DVM

How does Maggie keep busy in a town where no one has any pets? You’ll find out.


Amateur whittler and professional shapeshifter. Just don’t call him lazy. Really. Don’t.


Our suave, sleazy linen delivery guy. You can’t stay mad at Francois, especially if you’re a lonely straight woman.

Nick the bartender

Everyone’s favorite emotionally complex bartender, Nick is working on himself. Five breaths in, five breaths out…

Andrea Fontaine

The twins’ supportive French teacher. Going through some fertility challenges that leave her a bit… emotional.


Service with a smile, but she will cut a bitch.


the twins best frenemy. Whatevs.


has a grudge with almost everyone in town and would be very happy to tell you about all about it.